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Hello dear visitor from this page. This wonderful hobby has fill me with enthusiasm. I think it's one of the best technical hobbies with much possibilities. A young or old people can do this hobby.

Wether you are international or national interested on communication or simple interested in high frequence technical, or you will build new HF-appliance, you are interested an computer or you want build antennas or more, in the ham radio you can find all that. Hamradio operators are not interested on political and financial things.

Also young people under 16 years old can make a licence in German. As well without a licence it could be exiting to hear or view signals which arrive the receiver. A QSL card is a confim for the QSO or SWL for judging the spread conditions during the QSO. If you wish to get a licence you must take an examination.  

The entree in the wounderful world of HAMRADIO in short-wave you  needed before a additional examination. You musted hear the Morse-code many minutes in a special speed and also you musted work with a morse key for 3 minutes. This is not longer a basic examination but it shut be knowed because is it a wounderful mode. For a "Newcomer" in the first moment he think that is to much for him! But more then 60000 licenced Ham-operator in Germany said it is not so bad. If you really get a licence you also will do it. You find many helping hands in many clubs and also the DARC (German Amateur Radio Club) can help you with literature or other clubs in you country.

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