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A good webside from Volker Lange-Janson  DH7UAF.

HF-voltage on a wire - a graphical view until 201m  

 MIXW is a good program for all digital modes.

Two calculationprograms for wire antennas 

Building-guidance for a HF-generator to test the S-Meter.

Explanation "wire antenna calculation" formulas 

The DARC in Germany  

Step Down transformation with capacity componence



 Interface for measure baluns

Matching non resonant antennas with feeder wire






Superantennas for the shortwave Spraycan


 LC ratio and optimal values for CAP-antennas 


Directly to the calculation program for Spraycan

  Shortwave in stereo.

 Equivalent circuit diagram from the hairsprayantenna




 Interface for measure baluns


A phasedifference direction finder for 440 Mc

 Disguise the small capantennas by DL7AHW





 IC-7800/7700/7600 rong rf-voltage on S-meter IC-7800

Response to the article of DJ5IL via short antennas


More projects you can find in German language


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